Thermoplastic Housings


Thermoplastic housings are specially designed to meet particular engineering demand for food, beverage photo, and the chemical industries. The maintenance and the corrosion resistance characteristics as well as a low weight element has proven to stand the hard working conditions for all needed applications

          Thermoplastic housing can be delivered with Chrome steel bearing inserts black oxided inserts or stainless  steel inserts for maximum corrosion resistance.

          Thermoplastic housing are designed to meet important engineering demand for :
    Frequent washdowns
    Corrosion resistance
    Exposure to harsh chemicals
    Exposure to high humidity
  Regreasable fittings

  Operating temperature -35ºC  to 102ºC

          Thermoplastic housings can be delivered with food approved grease to any specification. Please contact your local distributor for your grease specification requirement.

          Because of their corrosion-resistant and NON-MAGNETIC properties.

          Thermoplastic housings are used in a wide variety of industries :
    Food processing
    Pharmacy industry
Chemical processing
Photo industry



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